Tabula Traiana

Inscription carved in a rock, measuring 175 x 410 cm. The inscription has a form of tabula ansata, held by two winged genii. Beneath them there is a kneeling figure, most likely of Danubius. Above the inscription, in bas relief, there is a roof consisting of a cassetted ceiling with rosettes within them, on both sides an eagle with spread wings and two dolphins.

It was discovered at the end of the 17th century in Donja Klisura, above the Roman road, downstream from the site Hajdučka Vodenica and close to the Lapidarium table. Today, the rock bearing the inscription is cut out and lifted at the same spot for about 14 meters.

Imp(erator) Caesar divi Nervae f(ilius) | Nerva Traianus Aug(ustus) Germ(anicus) | pontif(ex) maximus trib(unicia) pot(estate) IIII | pater patriae co(n)s(ul) III |5 montibus excisi[s] anco[ni]bus | sublat[i]s via[m] refecit.

Dating year: 100.



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