Roman Road below Ram Fortress

One of the last surviving sections of the Roman road cut into the rock and the only one of this type outside of Iron Gate gorge.
Above the road there is still visible inscription curved into the rock. Modest and simple Tabula ansata celebrating efforts of the soldiers from Legio VII Claudia who cut the road into the rock.

Short decription

On the step bank of the Danube, below Turkish mediaeval fortress, there is a section of the Roman road cut into the stone cliff. This part of the road was built by legionaries of the legio VII Claudia in 100/101 AD during preparations for the Trajan`s First Dacian war. Below mediaeval tower 5 there is an inscription carved into the flatten rock surface dedicated to god Jupiter celebrating this undertaking and mentioning vexillation of the VII Claudia legion under the command of centurion Gaius Licinus Rufinus. It the cliff there are still traces of pulling boats with ropes upstream. Road was used actively in centuries to come and abandoned only in modern age. This is among the last sections of the road still preserved, visible and presentable.